Upon receipt of a brief (see FAQs) I will provide you with a written scheme of investigation (WSI) and a costing. The WSI will be four or five pages in length and will state what I propose to do, how I intend to do it and what resources I will be using. Any contingencies will be identified as will the circumstances in which they will be used. The costing will be in the form of a spreadsheet and will list the various stages of the project with their respective costs. A total, both with and without contingencies, will be given. Your financial liability is limited to the amount shown on the costing. You may have these documents in conventional paper form or as digital files, via email, if you prefer.

If you choose to appoint me to undertake the project I will negotiate with your site manager or building contractor regarding the best times to visit the site. When the on-site work is complete I will produce the necessary report and pass a draft copy to the archaeological advisor for comments before finalising it and sending copies to you with my invoice. You will receive a number of printed copies (the number depends upon the circumstances of the project) and a digital copy (in pdf format) on a CD-ROM. You will have 30 days from the receipt of the reports and invoice to pay.

Testimonials – All originals may be inspected upon request.

‘… thank you for your kind assistance in my hour of need’
MRK Worcester

‘Thank you for the reports…I am delighted by the reduced cost for this – how refreshing!’
SJ Kidderminster

‘I am most grateful for your reply to my letter and for the very helpful advice…and suggestions. It was very kind of you to write’
JL Bath

‘Thank you for being so patient with this one. Job well done’
Wolverhampton City Council

‘…the report is generally clear and concise and I was impressed by the professional way the site was evaluated and the quality of the recording’
Devon County Council